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Increase Your Confidence & Claim Your Power As A Healer By Learning To Perform Energy Scans. Tune In Deeper & Get More Clients!


With Renowned Trainor Daniel Hanneman

Date And Time

June 1 - 2, 2019 (Sat & Sun)

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM MST


Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation 3182 N. Swan Rd.  Parking is free


Refund Policy: No Refunds

Email  for more info.

Learn Everything You’ll Need To Get More Clients & Make More Money as an Energy Healer

Daniel Will Show You, Step-By-Step, The Exact Way He Did It & Give You The Tools To Do It Too!

Energy Healers:  


Energy healers often struggle to make good money for a myriad of reasons compared to other ‘normal’ professions.


Daniel shared this same exact struggle to near bankruptcy but finally discovered a way to share his healing gifts to thrive & make 6 figures in 1 year as an energy healer.


You’ll learn the exact process he discovered to make 6 figures in a year that he has now shown healers around the world.


You’ll be trained in using Daniel's Energy Scan Technique, the proven foundational method to both gain new clients, & produce deeper healing for those clients. 


And as a side benefit you’ll also end up accessing deeper intuitive powers for yourself .


as you gain the ability to tune into people’s energy fields to know what they need on their soul’s path to support their Healing & Transformation.


It’s Simple:  Offer a free energy scan to potential clients.  They’ll be so impressed with your analysis, they’ll very often book sessions right on the spot.


Want to go into any potential client situation with a high level of confidence able to get tons of appointments & a clear, straightforward way to make 6 figures a year?


If so, then you’ll want to attend this valuable workshop to learn from Daniel Hanneman Master Intuitive, Healer, & Trainer Of Thousands Of Healers Around The Globe. 


I was able to start providing valuable intuitive Energy Scans virtually immediately.

I began the journey of offering my services as a coach and was looking for a way to step out in a big way. Through my interaction with Dan Hanneman and the Energy Scan training, I learned I had been sweeping my gifts under the rug and was capable of so much more!

When I heard Dan’s strategy to offer intuitive Energy Scans to meet potential clients, I was sold– what a great idea! It was inspiring to realize that I could be offering a service for free (that’s easy), and in the process these potential clients see that I “get them” and they get to know me by experiencing my ability first hand, as well as see an example of how I am able to help them attain their transformation!

I was able to start providing valuable intuitive Energy Scans virtually immediately. Energy Scans have been a powerful experience for me and many that I serve.


For those individuals I already knew, I now know them at a much deeper level, for those I just met, it’s a great start to a meaningful relationship and an experience they’ll remember, and for both, they now know that I’m here to assist them on their journey.


I’ve also experienced the Energy Scan shift their energy right on the spot– creating a path toward realizing their potential, and their dreams.

Jill Borsos

Transformation Coach & Healer

Does this sound familiar?

- You have made some money in your healing business but it takes a lot of time and effort and you wish to have a simple system you can put in place that would attract clients to you.

- You aren’t sure if you could make enough money in a healing business to support yourself or your family and want an easy “Yes!” path to getting clients


- You have intuitive, psychic, and healing gifts, but are still “hiding in the closet,” which stops you from getting out there and using those gifts.

- You think that because you haven’t healed yourself, you have too many blocks to being a healer for others


- Your healing services have been rejected and you’re tired of dealing with objections, feeling like you can’t win. 


- You’re ready to grow your healing business working with clients who are ready to take the next step with you


If you’ve answered, “Yes, that sounds like me,” to any of these scenarios, then you are in the right place!

Listen to what Dr. Tanya English – your Energy Scan Specialist and Mentor – has to say about our Energy Scan Healer Training!! 

“I can’t believe how easy this is...”

You invited to JOIN US for our Workshop 



During this class, you will receive STEP-by-STEP instructions on EXACTLY how to do Energy Scanning, Energy Scan Healing, & How to Book NEW PAID CLIENTS from it.

Yes – you will be mentored by me, Daniel John Hanneman, directly to learn all that I can share with you that has made a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE for me in doing my healing work and growing my overall healing business to 6-Figures per year and more!!

You will discover how Energy Scanning can easily provide you with a very reliable and proven system for gaining new paid clients.


Even better… you will know how to bring greater focused healing to resolve “problem areas” for clients, like old wounds that keep your clients from living their life fully. You’ll also discover how to increase your healing potential for each new client to maximize their results.


I always wanted to do the greatest work for my clients possible through my intuitive healing gifts & struggled with my confidence when I first started my healing business. My desire to make a big impact eventually brought me to my knees, asking Source for an answer.


I downloaded Energy Scan Technique directly from Spirit and discovered how to consistently & powerfully transform people’s lives.


First – I saw AMAZING RESULTS that blew my mind with knowing exactly what was going on for them (and they were TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!)


I was finding blocks that they were not even aware of and would have taken months or even years of talk therapy and inner exploration for them to discover… (IF they discovered what was blocking them at all!!!)


Do You need to want to do this for a healing business or can you just learn the Energy Scanning itself?   


You can attend for the transformation and learning the skills of Energy Scanning alone.  You can use these skills to enhance any service-based business you have or in your personal life as well.  


Your ability to know anything about others to help them more, whether you are a counselor or a massage therapist or any type of healer, is invaluable.  


Lastly, you will have gained something very beneficial in upgrading your intutions for everything that comes your way for the rest of your life!!


I am delighted to be working with Dan because he has helped me and my business soaring to new levels of success.

I felt as though my business was in a slump. I became very concerned about my finances and business plan. I turned to Dan Hanneman for help.


I sent out an email offering free energy scans to whoever wanted one. Little did I know what a HUGE shift this was going to manifest. Within the first 24-48 hours I was inundated with 80+ emails from people requesting free scans.


When I began doing the scans, people were so excited about the outcomes that they began referring friends, family, and colleagues to me for free scans. 


Thanks to Dan, my business and I have both shifted dramatically. I am delighted to be working with Dan because he has helped me and my business soaring to new levels of success.




Nedda Wittels

Animal Communicator & Healer

You can imagine how that impacted my confidence as a healer and ability to help others.

I had another issue come up and it had to do with booking clients to sign up for their own transformation through my healing services consistently.


I had countless FREE SESSIONS that I gave to others. I always avoided offering follow on help through my paid healing services because I was afraid of rejection. I felt I would be a failure if I offered my services and they said, “NO.”

Finally – I could not take another day of undervaluing myself any longer and this helped me SHIFT EVERYTHING to where people started signing up consistently with my new energy, mindset, and heart based strategies.


It was a EUREKA MOMENT where I saw that if I trusted and took a powerful stand for others through offering free 15 minute Energy Scans AND made a clear compelling offer from my heart to get my support in their struggles


that people got GREATER TRANSFORMATIONS faster than ever before in the past (including seeing results before their first appointment with me) because their first contact was so POWERFUL in itself


Remember – I STRUGGLED for the longest time with my overall confidence, 


not believing I could do anything real, make a true difference, or even have clients at all.


But I learned so much on my path to my intuitive healing business. My lack of confidence and fear almost crushed me with big financial debt, anger, sadness, frustration, and even thoughts of giving up.


But – I can tell you – if you do the things that I teach you – that you will ABSOLUTELY SUCCEEDfast where you may be currently struggling and failing – because you will learn the SECRETS for healers to rock your healing business using Energy Scanning.


Since this time, I have trained people around the world to use Energy Scans to help more people AND generate more income in their businesses!! In some cases, I have taken people from ROCK BOTTOM ZERO to $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month within a matter of months (some less then 30 days)!!


Now you have this chance to finally CLAIM YOUR POWERFUL INTUITIVE HEALING GIFTS – and to succeed in massively transforming other people’s lives.


Imagine thriving when you see incredible new levels of prosperity in your life, including making money that you deserve doing your healing work in this lifetime.


I went from struggling as a single mom, going month to month in my healing business to increased finances in the first month.

It was a no-brainer to do the Energy Scan Training. After the weekend, I had calls out of the blue with a lot of interest from people wanting to work with me. It opened up a flood of people. 


I tripled my clients with Daniel’s help. It was a huge opening and gave me the confidence to act boldly to help people. People were signing up saying, “Here’s my credit card. I know this is right for me.” 


In 6 months time, I went to $10,000 and then shortly after up to $15,000. It was so simple, it was kind of ridiculous. It was a breakthrough for me working with Daniel.



Tammy Hiatt Monaco

The Energy Scan Training Program Helps You:


- Understand How To Build Your

1-1 Healing Practice


- Increase Sales By Hundreds Or Thousands of Dollars Per Month


- Increase The Capacity Of Transformational Power To Your Healing Work


- Increase Your Self-Esteem, Joy, & Knowing You Are Living Your Purpose


- Become A Celebrity Due To Power Of Your Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing Gifts


- Claim Your Intuitive, Psychic, and Healing Gifts




- Understand How Energy Scanning Will Clear Out Energies For All Areas Of Your Life


- Build Invincible Confidence As A Healer

- Attract New Clients FAST


- Develop An Unstoppable Method To Consistently Gain New Clients


- Add A Minimum Of An Extra 5 to 10 Clients To Your Healing Business Per Month


- Discover an easy YES path for people to experience you and want your services


- Gain Countless New Referrals From Potential and Ongoing Clients


I feel like I am coming home to who I am.

My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training was my ability to find my purpose in life.


 I always knew I was different and could feel and see things others couldn’t, but didn’t know what to do with it, so I buried it. 


Since taking the Energy Scan Training...I feel more confident in what I can do, not only in healing work, but also in my life. I have a sense of purpose and ability to help others transform.


Now, it’s as if a large boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I am coming home to who I am.



Nedda Wittels

Become Other People’s “Go To Healer” For Whatever Is Going On For Them

This is a proven opportunity for you to generate clients in your healing, coaching, or intuitive business and finally thrive financially while serving your purpose in the world.


Additionally – especially great for those wanting to greatly accelerate the growth of their healing business now and want to work directly with someone that has directly mentored hundreds of healers

Nicole Isler



How does this training work?


During the practice rounds, you will be paired with a partner to practice what you are learning during the training.


Can I really do this work as a healer?


Anyone can do this work as a healer. What makes you able to do the work is your kindness and compassion for others to notice their potential and have the desire to heal them. If you have an interest in healing work and want to share it with others, yes, you can do this work as a healer.


Can I make money with my healing gifts?


Yes, anyone can make money with their healing gifts. All you have to do is ask for the money in exchange for the healing to take place.


Do I need to want to do this for a healing business or can I just learn the Energy Scanning itself? 


 You can attend for the transformation and learning the skills of Energy Scanning alone!!! You can use these skills to enhance any service based business you have or in your personal life as well.  


Your ability to know anything about others to help them more is invaluable.  Lastly, you will have gain something invaluable in sharpening your intuition and increasing your overall energetic vibrancy through everything given to you for your entire life!!


I thought it was wrong to ask for money for healing work and it should be free. 


No, that is the old paradigm of thinking. Things have changed and money supports your work as a healer. As you ask for money, you are supported in your work. As you gain more money, you can give more money to others and use it to create positive change in the world as you grow in your abilities.




I have now received 15 clients who bought packages from me.

My biggest challenge was asking for the sale from the client. The Energy Scanning technique gave me a bridge to connect to clients. This increased enrollment in my services significantly. After taking the Energy Scan Training, I had a system to offer Energy Scans, ask for referrals, offer my services, and have a way to get paid by credit card.


I even felt confident in my ability and raised my session costs to clients. I have now received 15 clients who bought packages from me. These people willingly paid my higher fees. The Energy Scan Training significantly increased my confidence. It gave me what I needed to take action and use prayer work.


I am amazed at how powerful the prayer work is and how clients love it. It’s also a bonus that Dan makes the training fun. This was the course that clicked all I needed into place for me to build my healing business.



Douglas Purcell


I blew by my modest financial goal and am excited to take it to the next level with Dan!

Dan is an incredible healer. I went from hardly any clients to having almost everyone I did an energy scan with saying yes to working with me. I blew by my modest financial goal and am excited to take it to the next level with Dan!


He’s not the kind of trainer who will just tell you what you want to hear – he’ll move you through your blocks by naming them and claiming them and then being present while YOU make a deeper choice. I highly recommend Dan – he will help you if you are ready to be helped!



Barret Hedeen


Dan has given me the recognition of my gifts, which gave me strength.

My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training Virtual Weekend was the need for a mentor to recognize my intuitive gifts and teach me how to trust that I could use them. Dan has given me the recognition of my gifts, which gave me strength.

Now I feel more centered and able to say what I sense about others and stand my ground. I am able to read people while talking to them and show them their highest potential. Since I am giving them a new perspective, they value my reflection of what I say to them.

I gained confidence in my abilities and am more in tune with my intuition. I am using this confidence in my business right away by offering a training program to my clients, knowing I have the skills I need to get the results I want.”



Miriam Kuhle

Zhineng Amsterdam,,


Learning the energy scan technique gave me an easy and highly effective way to reach out to new clients on a profoundly deep level that has a positive effect for both me and my clients.


Thanks Dan!



Vicki Holleman


I am now able to consistently and confidently do energy scans for my clients.

I have always been fascinated about being able to scan someone’s energy body and when Dan offered this training, I jumped at the chance. Before this course I could connect on various levels with my clients, but found that the results could be hit and miss. It just felt like I was missing a few pieces of information.


It turned out I was! During the training Dan explained the concepts of energy scanning and went so much deeper into specific techniques to connect to the energy field of another person. I finally had the missing pieces. As a result, I am now able to consistently and confidently do energy scans for my clients.


This training has allowed me to up-level my skills as a healer and offer amazingly accurate information to my clients and receive many glowing testimonials from them. Now I am able to offer energy scan sessions as a gateway for clients to work with me in a bigger way.



Laura Warnke

Intuitive Journal,,


I now feel I can finally achieve my financial goals

Thank you Dan for sharing this very effective, systematic, and hugely profitable technique of offering free 15 minute energy scans. It was the missing piece in my practice. I started very not sure of myself, of what I was intuiting, but after a first few, I felt very confident knowing that what I was sharing was very accurate.


I loved the feeling of giving first and then seeing if they wanted to follow through in healing what came up. I now feel I can finally achieve my financial goals, and I feel in control of how much I earn as opposed to before where I would helplessly play for clients to come without the action taking I do now! This has been the best investment of my life.


Tarek Bibi

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