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Talk Description:

Most view the brain as a computer of neurons, with consciousness emerging as an output. On the other hand, spiritual and contemplative traditions, and some scientists and philosophers consider consciousness to be intrinsic, ‘woven into the fabric of the universe’.


The Penrose-Hameroff 'Orch OR' model seeks to bridge these 2 theories & suggests consciousness is an intrinsic feature of the fine scale structure of the universe, connected to the brain by quantum processes in microtubules inside neurons.


The nature of consciousness remains deeply mysterious and profoundly important, with existential, medical and spiritual implication. We know what it is like to be conscious – to have awareness, a conscious ‘mind’, but who, or what, are ‘we’ who know such things? How is the subjective nature of phenomenal experience – our ‘inner life’ - to be explained in scientific terms?


What consciousness actually is, and how it comes about remain unknown.


Orch OR is A TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS which can explain various aspects of consciousness in the brain, as well as NEAR-DEATH & OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES that happen out of the brain.

About Stuart Hammeroff:

In the 1990s Hameroff with famed British Physicist Sir Roger Penrose to develop A QUANTUM THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


Highly controversial and harshly criticized, Orch OR is now supported by evidence, e.g. anesthetics act in quantum channels in microtubules, microtubules have multi-scalar resonances, e.g. in megahertz (MHz).


Megahertz mechanical vibrations are ultrasound, clinically used in anesthesiology, & Hameroff proposed low intensity, non-invasive ultrasound could stimulate microtubule MHz resonance & improve mental & neurological states in the brain. He & anesthesiology colleagues performed & published the first clinical trial of Transcranial Ultrasound (‘TUS’) on human volunteers, showing mood enhancement from brief, low intensity TUS.


Collaborative studies corroborated & elaborated TUS effects, & more TUS clinical studies are planned for Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinsons & Pediatric Developmental Delay.

Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco Rd (View Map)

Friday, Feb 28, 7:00-9:00pm. Investment: $5 - $8.00

NOTE: Get Your Tickets Early. This event has sold out in the past.

Join Us for a Live in person discussion with one of the world foremost experts in the topic of consciousness

Stuart Hameroff MD, is a Professor of Anesthesiology & Psychology & Founder and Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at The University of Arizona.

Stuart Hammeroff.jpg


Is your brain really a computer, or is it a quantum orchestra tuned to the universe?


Dr. Jasmine May, Naturopathic Doctor


Say Goodbye to Pharmaceuticals - Trade Your Medicine Cabinet for an Herbal

by Dan Horner, a Tucson Spiritual Events Organizer

About this Event

An Experiential Workshop:

Relieve Your Symptoms & Boost Your Health with All Natural (Non-Psychoactive) Plant Medicines, Herbs & Remedies

With Dr. Jasmine May, Naturopathic Physician


Discover plant allies - herbal medicines that that help your body:

Relieve Stress, Improve Energy & Sleep, Reduce Anxiety, & Boost Your Immune System,

and traditional ways to take plant medicines beyond teas, tinctures & capsules.

Plants living all around you in the Sonoran Desert have healing properties. Together we’ll connect with the wisdom & energy of these plants.


In This Hands On, Experiential Workshop, You’ll:


- Get Rid of Medications & replace them with Equally (or More) Effective All Natural Plants & Herbs

- Discover Plant Medicines That Grow Everywhere in Tucson

- Find Out About Cold Cures you’ve Never Heard about before (using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen cupboards)!

-Make Your Own Medicines - topical salve for reducing pain, & home remedies using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen cupboards.


Certain Herbs help virtually everyone with a very wide range of ailments.

These adaptogenic herbs should be on everyone’s regular diet for optimal health & disease prevention. These general tonics that have been used for thousands of years in cultures in: China, India, Europe, Indigenous societies.


But The Latest Science Is Catching Up, Showing That They Are Tonics That Can Help You:


- Sleep Better so that you function better & feel better everyday

- Reduce Chronic Pain & Inflammation

- Lessen Anxiety & Restlessness So You Can Have a Clear & Focused Mind

- Reduce Stress on your Overall System, so you can Be Healthier & Feel More Energetic

- Regulate Your Mood so you can enjoy more of your days & stress out less

- Reduce the Markers of Aging so You Can Feel Younger, More Energetic & Happier


Find Out About these & More at this All Natural, Health Giving Experience.

& Say Goodbye to Your Pharmaceuticals!

$65 – $125

Date And Time

Sat, February 29, 2020

9:30 AM – 5:00 PM MST


Unity of Tucson

3617 N Camino Blanco Pl

Tucson, AZ 85718

United States

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Email  for more info.

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